Madison Nissan Leaf Owner's Group

Leaf the gas pump behind!

Welcome to the Madison Nissan Leaf Owners Group! This is a group of Nissan Leaf owners, future owners, and enthusiasts in the Madison, WI area (and even a bit beyond :-). If you are looking for a sense of EV community, a place to ask questions, a place to show off your mods, a way to get involved in local policy or infrastructure, or just a place to meet and have a few laughs with other owners, you have come to the right place. We welcome all EV/PHEV owners and enthusiasts, regardless of make, model, or creed.

We maintain a lively Facebook page, which is our normal hangout. Please come join our group for all the latest fun!

We also have a Google Group for those who choose not to be on Facebook.

General topics can be posted in either place; announcements for things like events should be posted in both locations so we're sure to include everybody. (A word of advice: to date, nobody's actually been using the Google list for any general topics... even if you have to join Facebook just to be in our FB group, you'll be a lot better off :-)